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Hi, just wanted to say a huge thank you for the service you offer. When I was editor of Leadership magazine previously and now as editor of u|Chief magazine (as well as a number of other future digital magazines) I must tell you the response that I get from the media alerts you post for me is ASTOUNDING! Only twice have I had no response, and those were both long shots that I wasn’t expecting a response to, but for the rest I am literally inundated with responses. It’s been astounding and is invaluable in getting great content and info quick, so thank you so much.

Simon Lewis

Editor, u|Chief magazine

Good afternoon wonderful people at Encyclomedia’s Media Alerts. I just wanted to extend a massive, warm thank you for this service. As a journalist it has helped me make incredible connections with talking heads for stories.

You are doing wonderful work and I wish there was a way I could do more for you. Thank you once again.

Brendyn Lotz


How it works

Media Alerts is a free tool to help journalists source relevant content for the stories they’re working on, while giving PR professionals and industry experts a valuable opportunity to contribute their information, contacts or expertise to match the journalists’ requests.


Using the power of networks

All the journalist requests are compiled into a daily email we send out to our subscribers, being mostly South African PR professionals who have direct access to the CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities and other networks of interesting individuals that journalists could benefit from.

Our subscribers have been given one important rule though – to only ever reply to a request with directly relevant information. (Any abuse of this rule will see them being removed from the service, ouch!)

Media Alerts is brought to you by Encyclomedia (providing targeted and high quality media databases) and is designed to help make your job a little easier and to help make more meaningful, helpful connections.


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