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This service is completely free – it’s a complimentary service by Encyclomedia, South Africa’s targeted, quality media database provider – but there is one rule that we ask you to follow.

The only rule is that you only ever contact a journalist, editor or producer when you really have relevant, interesting content that matches the journalist’s requirements.

That’s the way all successful PR professionals work anyway. But to protect journalists (and the reputation of the PR industry), anyone abusing this rule will be removed from the mailing list.

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  • Need goodie bags for an event.
  • Need prizes for a competition.
  • Looking for brand sponsorship of some sort.
  • Looking for an expert for a speaking opportunity.
  • Keen to try a brand or PR collaboration of some sort.
  • Any PR or promotional-related opportunity that could be of interest and benefit to our (mostly) public relations-oriented subscribers.

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All the submitted requests are moderated and we unortunately cannot accept any requests relating to advertising, any paid-for opportunities, or otherwise inappropriate requests.

Important notes

The Media Alerts emails are sent to our subscribers at 10:30am, Mondays to Fridays.

We’d need to receive your request by latest 10:00am if you want your request to be published on the same day.

New feature: For your privacy protection, we won’t publish your actual email address. Instead, we’ll create a temporary Media Alerts address to forward all responses to you, which will cease to exist at the end of your specified deadline date.

If you need to share your actual email address for any reason, please add it (and any other contact details) to the body of your request.

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